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#BeFree Centre of Excellence Site Handover

What was once a dream just two years ago, is now becoming a reality The team handed over the #BeFree Building site to Afrideca Construction on Monday morning, meaning that construction will commence soon

“We are excited about building a youthful ecosystem that is accessible to young people from all corners of Windhoek,” explained Steven Bernardus Harageib, our Head of Programmes. He hopes the #BeFree Centre will provide similar life-changing opportunities to the next generation.

The #BeFree Youth Centre is to serve as a safe space for young people to engage, learn and innovate. “Here you can grow and be whatever you want to be,” said Una Stuurman, the lead architect, whose passion for this project is also driven by strong ties to the community. We are delighted to have completed the site handover and look forward to seeing the #BeFree Youth Centre go up!

Keep an eye on our social media as we will keep you posted on progress made on site. #BeFree #PoweredByYouth

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