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We spent the morning at the MTC Namibia Innovation Centre for a Mentorship Review Session with the One Nation Fund beneficiaries and their mentors.

For the first session, the mentors and mentees were split into two focus groups. The groups shared frankly about their experiences, insights and opinions from the 4-month Mentorship Framework while emphasizing highlighting critical success factors for mentor-mentee relationships.

The mentors emphasized the need to continually upskill and reskill micro-entrepreneurs equipping them with key competencies to thrive and remain competitive in an agile entrepreneurial ecosystem. They encouraged the mentees to develop vuma to succeed and a can-do attitude.

The mentees appreciated the mentorship programme as it enabled them to develop new business skills, access opportunities and expand their networks. Testament to the impact of programme, the mentees expressed enthusiasm to maintain their mentors beyond the official scope.

Our Guest Speaker, Saima Mukwiilongo, Founder of Sais Kitchen left quite the mark on the participants!Sharing her entrepreneurial journey, she urged the mentees to "do what you can, with you have", cultivate a hard work ethos and develop a hunger for success! This concludes our short but impactful review session! We are excited to integrate all lessons learned in order to improve the Mentorship Programme.

PS. Huge shout-out to MTC Namibia for the fantastic venue - we had a great time

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