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Entrepreneur Spotlight

Meet Ms Teopolina Heita, a business owner and a mother of two. She is the owner of TJR Trading, a takeaway shop that operates in the Havana informal settlement. She is one of the 46 entrepreneurs in our One Nation Fund programme. Ms Heita's TJR takeaway plays an important role in the community, as it also doubles as a mini market that sells essential goods to those in the neighbourhood.

As a beneficiary, Ms Heita has steadily improved her business operations over the years which included diversifying her menu, establishing a tuck-shop and increasing her employees from 1 to 3 people.

She plans to further expand her business by opening a second tuck shop in Kilimanjaro. "My dream, is to eventually own a restaurant in the heart of Havana," says ms Heita when we asked about her ambitions for the future.

ONF remains committed to empowering micro-entrepreneurs through business training and peer mentorship.

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