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#BeFree has been a significant game changer in co-creating an inclusive and non-judgmental platform that encourages honest and robust dialogue and information sharing on matters which prevent young people from reaching their full potential.

#BeFree seeks to build resilience of young people through:

Amplifying the

voices of young


Fostering critical


Informing policy

responses and playing

a key role in engaging

national conversations

Acting between

those with trauma

and those responsible

to providing frontline

trauma services

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"#BeFree has taught me that my voice is valuable and has given me more confidence in my personal truths, the confidence to step up and step out from my own shadowing insecurities became more of a voice of other youths. I started believing in myself that I can do great things. I aim to achieve my goals no matter what challenges I may experience."


#BeFree Participant

Let's talk #BeFree with our ambassador - Bertha Tobias

Let's talk #BeFree with our ambassador - Bertha Tobias

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Our Impact

In the words of our #BeFree Ambassador – Bertha Tobias

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Throughout our interventions across the world, we are humbled by the insights, resilience and humanity that cuts through the noise of difference and that affirms the power of young people in creating and championing their agenda.

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By the numbers


young people

​14 Regions

in Namibia

5 countries

(Namibia, The United States of America, Netherlands, Switzerland & Zimbabwe)

41 frank


and thematic conversations