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Safeguarding our Nation’s Physical and Mental Health


Established through the Sexual Health and Awareness Programme (SHAP), the #BreakFree Youth Clinic is a world-class facility that offers accessible and holistic sexual reproductive health services in an environment that values confidentiality, and that is neither intimidating nor judgmental-- a place where young people will feel comfortable and respected.



An important lesson learned from the #BeFree Movement is the value of multi-stakeholder partnerships. As a result, we seek to work  with like-minded organisations such as Namibia Planned Parenthood Association (NAPPA). By leveraging this partnership, we are able to twin resources and expand the provision of sexual reproductive health services to young people.

In addition to this, we also promote maternal and child health (particularly in rural and/or economically disadvantaged communities) and advocacy support in the health sector for communicable and non-communicable diseases (with a specific focus on HIV/AIDS, infertility and reproductive health-related cancers).

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Wellness Hub

The Wellness Hub offers pro bono psycho-social support and counselling, the on-site presence of an interdenominational youth pastor and a quiet place for prayer and solitude.

The project will provide unique health services which cater not only for physical needs but as well as psychological needs. We believe that there should be no stigma around health and wellness. As such, we will directly address Women’s Health and  Gender-based Violence and promote mental health awareness.

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